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Expected response time: within 24hrs

Expected response time: within 24hrs

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Personalised 1:1 Lessons

During the initial consultation, we conduct a thorough analysis of what it takes for you specifically to achieve your academic potential in English. We then create an individualised plan customised to your learning style, schedule, past performance, curriculum and goals! With one-on-one guidance from top high school English tutors in Melbourne who’ve been in your shoes and aced the VCE – plus customized homework, mock tests focusing on areas that need work and progress reports – we’ve got you set to achieve top marks with our research-backed system.

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Top 5% of tutors in Melbourne

Choose an ATAR hero! Our highly qualified Year 10 high school English tutors can lift you to the highest of heights; with 95+ ATAR results, many even smashing 99.95 ATARs in their VCE – not only are they brainiacs but kind and supportive like friends too. They’re specialised for and experienced in Melbourne’s schools curriculum, achieving success at every level from being Olympiad finalists through to studying competitive degrees such as medicine and actuary.


Resources By 99.95 ATAR Scorers

Score top marks with the very same English resources made and used by 99.85-99.95 ATAR scorers during their time in high school! As a bonus to your tutoring, you’ll get access to a range of studying aids – notes, mock exams and past papers galore – across ALL your subjects (on top of the subejcts you are being tutored for) that will have your academic success soaring in no time. Take control of your learning journey now: claim your free resource by clicking the button below and submitting the form.

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Expected response time: within 24hrs

Expected response time: within 24hrs

Further Preview of Tutoring Notes on iPad and iPhone

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Meet some of Melbourne's Top English Scorers,
Experts & Qualified Teachers

Our tutors arent just smart; they are compassionate, engaging, and are like a friend!

Sreeya Das 99.85 ATAR

Sreeya Das

99.85 ATAR

Sebastian Spillane

99.90 ATAR

Archita Sivakumar

99.00 ATAR

Vyom Patoliya

99.85 ATAR

Amanda Quan

99.95 ATAR

Emma Horgan

91 in English

Bronwyn Pierson

English dux

Catherine Hu

98.60 ATAR

Expected response time: within 24hrs

Expected response time: within 24hrs

Our tutors are from all around Melbourne and are all specialists in their respective curriculums. We have even taught students from Melbourne’s top schools, such as Haileybury Girls College, Lauriston Girls School, Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Melbourne High School, Methodist Ladies College, Haileybury College, Melbourne Grammar School, Camberwell Anglican Girls Grammar School, Shelford Girls’ Grammar, Trinity Grammar School, Scotch College, Mentone Grammar School, Caulfield Grammar School, Mentone Girls’ Grammar School, Caulfield Grammar School, Holy Trinity Lutheran College, Penleigh & Essendon Grammar, Yarra Valley Grammar School, John Monash Science School, and Melbourne Girls Grammar.

Preview Exclusive Resources,

1000+ Topic Notes

Detailed Summary Notes

Curated Mock Exams

Custom Progress Reports

English Notes 1
English Notes 2

These notebooks will help you ace your English exams like a 99.95 ATAR scorer! Filled with concise explanations and 1000s of exam-style questions plus answers specifically for Year 10 high school students – it’ll have you topping the class in no time.

Bonus: You will receive these resources for ALL your topics complimentary to tutoring

Receive customised progress reports after every lesson, analysing your performance and providing feedback on areas of improvement. Your scores are maximised in every way!

Want to speak to one of our team members? Book a free consultation below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Expected response time: within 24hrs

Expected response time: within 24hrs

What Our Students Say​

We couldn’t be more grateful for all the positive feedback we receive from our students and parents! Read through the countless verified 5-star reviews below to find out about our students’ experiences as well as what we can do for you.

Theresa de Castella
Year 12 Maths Methods
Read More
Just as the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, so too are the results that my daughter gets from tests and assignments! So far however, the sessions have given her a sense of confidence now that she better understands the concepts and has a framework around which she can do the work. Well done tutors for that alone 🙂
Rachel Li
Year 9 English
Read More
I highly recommend Emma Horgan as an English tutor. My daughter has been working with her for 4months and we have seen a tremendous improvement in her writing skills. Emma is patient, kind, and always makes learning fun. She takes the time to understand my daughter's strengths and weaknesses and tailors her lessons accordingly. Additionally, she provides detailed feedback after each session which helps my daughter to identify areas where she needs to improve. Overall, we are very pleased with our experience and would recommend Emma to anyone looking for an excellent English tutor.
Safaa Hassab
Year 7 Maths
Read More
Amit is my son’s math tutor and he is doing magic!! My son is very happy with the way Amit explains things and makes math easy and fun! Amit not only assigns him homework on a regular basis, but is always there when he has any questions or conecpts that he's having difficulties with. Amit is a very caring tutor and we will be continuing classes with him as my son has seen great progress after being tutored by him. Highly recommend Excel Academics!
Callum Godfrey
Year 12 Maths Methods
Read More
Nischal is great tutor and doesn’t just tell me what to do, rather gets me to think about the solutions to the problems and it has helped me a lot.
Michael Andrea
Year 12 Maths Methods, Chemistry & Physics
Read More
Great personalised tutoring. My 17 year old son's year 11 results were disappointing so we tried Excel for two subjects in year 12. He's now one term into his year 12 studies and he's enjoying the tutoring and his results have improved a lot.
Scarlett Classen
Year 12 Specialist Maths
Read More
Sreeya was an amazing tutor who helped me so much! She's very organised and every lesson was set up perfectly and made it very easy to communicate. She explained everything step by step ensuring I understood everything, and sent me screenshots of all the work we did so I could look over it again!
Abigail Kaley
Year 10 Mathematics
Read More
I'm not new to tutoring and I can say that Sue has been the best tutor I've had so far. She not only caught me up in areas I was struggling with, but gave me a lot of suppor tand advice outisde of lessons to make sure I was on top of school work. Due to this, my grades went from just passing to high A's, and I'm also currently learnign ahead of the class. She always went the extra mile to make sure I understood each topic, patiently walking me through everything step-by-step and helping me practice with her resources until I was confident. I'll definitely be sticking with Sue for the rest of highschool!
Tinaye Nhachi
Year 11 Maths Methods
Read More
Sreeya was able to help me understand all topics with deep understanding making sure I was comfortable with the concept at all times. She was incredibly patient and had consistent communication and punctuality throughout our time together. Even though it was a large amount of concepts in a short period to prepare for an exam, she was completely understanding and worked perfectly with the schedule given. I was able to pass my exams with an amazing result and am pleased with the service provided.

Our tutoring has made headlines in Melbourne.

"The tutors of Excel Academics are ranked within the top 5% of tutors in Australia. Sreeya, the founder, has stellar qualifications as well as the other team members of the tutoring company"

- Zack Love from Medium

"Beginning as a solo tutor, Sreeya has grown rapidly over this past year to develop an incredible team of highly qualified tutors, who work to deliver world-class tutoring to Year 5-12 Australian students"

- Mia Salas from Parade

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Check out our free revision library with thousands of active recall questions for chemistry, biology and maths. It also contains high-scoring exemplars for English, and a comprehensive UCAT guide. These resources were made and used by 99.85-99.95 ATAR scorers-turned-tutors during their time in Year 11 and Year 12!

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The Year 10 English Curriculum in Melbourne

You deserve a tutor that works as hard for you outside of lessons, just like they do in them! We don’t want to put your studies on autopilot; we adjust our lesson plans depending on how much progress you make and target any areas where improvement is needed. Plus, by studying Year 10 English now with us it’ll give you the best shot of slaying whatever comes up during those all important HSC examinations later down the road. The Victorian curriculum? Check. Your school’s unit outline? Double check!

Year 10 high school English in Melbourne covers a variety of topics. Students learn how to read, understand and respond to different types of texts including novels, plays, non-fiction and poetry. They are introduced to language patterns, literary devices and critical analysis skills. They also work on improving their essay writing skills by exploring the structure of persuasive texts and expanding their vocabulary.

Studying for Year 10 English in high school requires a strong work ethic and dedication. Students need to be able to read critically, actively listen, analyse information and synthesise their understanding into essay writing. It also requires diligent note-taking, which will help students retain the material better and prepare them for exams or assignments. Regular practice with writing tasks and reading comprehension exercises is also important, as is setting regular study times and sticking to them.

Whether or not to get English tutoring in high school depends on the individual student’s needs. If a student is finding it difficult to keep up with their studies or if they are struggling to understand what they are being taught, then tutoring can be beneficial. Tutors can help by providing guidance on specific assignments and offering strategies to improve understanding of the material. However, if a student feels confident in their ability to keep up with their studies, then they may not need one-on-one tutoring. Ultimately it is up to the individual student and their family to decide what is the best course of action.

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