Rated 4.9/5.0 by parents and students (over 5000+ tutoring hours now completed)

A tutoring job you will enjoy!


A rewarding job that is convenient (choose when you work), has high pay (starting at $40/hr inc. super), flexible hours (work as little as 5hrs/week or as much as 15hrs/week), endless opportunities to earn more (e.g. through blog writing, if interested) is what most university students look for.

And here’s your opportunity.

What you can expect as a tutor at Excel Academics:

Why should I join Excel Academics?

  • In short, we are the best option for both you and your students.

In your tutoring job… you receive access to all our resources

We try our best to take the resource preparation out of tutoring so you can focus more on teaching and ensuring lessons are targeted to your students goals. You will be provided with worksheets, past exams, mock tests, lesson notes, textbooks, summary sheets and more to help you guide your teaching!

In your tutoring job… you will be paid a lot higher than the industry average ($40/hr+)

We know how hard tutoring can be and how much effort it requires to ensure a great student experience – that’s why we pay all our tutors at a starting rate of $40/hr (which includes superannuation in the rate), with mutliple opportunities to earn more (e.g. through increased rates and blog writing) depending on your performance as you continue tutoring with our company. We are very transparent with our policies and will always ensure you are being fairly compensated – we even have late arrival and cancellation fees in place if a student causes you inconvenience (these fees will be transferred to you).

In your tutoring job… we handle all the admin stuff for you

No need to worry about following up with students regarding payments, as we handle the entire payment process for you and follow up with your students if you ever need any help or want us to answer their questions.

In your tutoring job… you have full flexibility with when, how many students, which grades, and which subjects you tutor

With most of our online tutoring jobs being held over Zoom, it is completely up to you when you would like to tutor, especially if it’s online – if it’s in-person, you can be rest assured that we don’t make you travel outside of your suggested radius (we know how annoying travel times can be!). You also get to choose how many hours you work (minimum is 5hrs/week), which grades you teach, and which subjects you would be comfortable tutoring

In your tutoring job… you are guaranteed pay

For the first lesson with any new student, we guarantee pay – even if the student does not pay for it. This removes any uncertainty and you can be rest assured that you will always be paid what is owed.

In your tutoring job… you will not have to do any advertising – we provide you with all your students!

No need to worry about advertising your services to students – when we do everything for you! Through our thorough acquisition program, we first assess your tutoring performance and then fill you up to your capacity, depending on which subjects you have selected to tutor (as this will determine demand). Want to change your availability? Let us know and we will change and accommodate for it immediately.

In your tutoring job… we have lightning fast communication and always prioritise your feedback

At Excel Academics, we prioritise fast and effective communication and we try our best to respond to you within a couple hours (usually minutes). We provide you support 24/7 and are here if you ever have any questions about students, tutoring, or anything in general.

In your tutoring job… you are making a real difference

At Excel Academics, we truly value not only our students’ experience but also our tutors’ experience. Know that when you tutor our students, you are making a real difference to their education – this position is not just some, same old tutoring job. You will be in a position where the students look up to you as their mentors and role models, and from our own experience (and probably yours, too), it is a very rewarding feeling when you see your students succeed 🙂

In your tutoring job… you are free to seek out your own students

As long as the students are not affiliated with Excel Academics, you’re more than welcome to search for your own students (highschooltutors is a great place for this!) and even use OUR resources to tutor them.

Qualifications required:

  • University students who graduated Year 12 with a 95.00+ ATAR (or ATAR equivalent, if you completed a different curriculum to the ATAR)
  • Have had industry experience and subject expertise (e.g. if you majored in chemistry at university or are currently a chemistry tutor, this will allow you to be a chemistry tutor at Excel Academics)
  • Be able to tutor at least 5hrs per week and have availability across 3+ days each week
  • Prompt and effective communication with students and our Excel Academics team
  • Punctual to lessons and well-prepared
  • Ability to engage students during lessons and build a good relationship with them


Despite so many group tutoring services and general one-on-one services, our survey found that students still want specialised and personalised tutoring. A service that makes everything easier and clearer, has a more positive environment all whilst preparing the student thoroughly for their specific assessment. That is, a service dedicated to the student’s journey and helping them achieve their academic potential.

Well that service finally exists: we are Excel Academics.

Our tutoring is delivered by top scorers who have experienced the system themselves AND are experienced in teaching it – and we are delighted that you’ve shown interest in joining the team! 

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