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How your tutoring works.

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Our Tutoring Program

Your tutoring sessions are customised to your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and learning style, with the aim to excel in your academics – but most importantly, build your confidence and develop skills you can use even after school! Read below to learn about:

  1. How to get started
  2. More benefits of joining Excel Academics
  3. What happens during your free consultation
  4. Our scientifically-backed lesson framework

How to get started.

1. Submit Form

Fill in this short consultation form and we'll get in touch within 24 hours - it only takes 2 minutes!​

2. Advisor Call

Hop on a short phone call with our Learning Advisor so we can discuss the best option for you and assign our best-fit tutors.

3. Free Consult

Conduct a free 15-min consultation with your tutor over Zoom, creating a tutoring plan.

4. Start Lessons

Fill in the registration form and start lessons with your tutor, following a personalised learning program!

Why choose Excel Academics?

From the best tutors and resources to...

  • Simple and automatic payment system, using fully secure payment software (you receive a receipt for every single payment made)
  • Incredible support team who are there for you 24/7 and 7 days a week
  • No cancellation fees, as long as you provide notice at least 6hrs before the planned lesson time 
  • A fully personalised program where you get 100% of the attention
  • Flexible scheduling to suit your preferences

How our free consultation works.

Student-Tutor Compatibility

Get to know each other! A good tutor isn't just smart, but gets along with you well - which is optimised through this consultation.

Goal Analysis

We identify what your major goals are and discuss a personalised plan to help you achieve them. Goals build motivation.

Performance Assessment

Highly targerted questions to assess your past performance and your current study techniques; which helps us understand how to formulate your lessons and which teaching style to use.

How your lessons work.

Our lessons are typically over Zoom, where we keep our video on and screenshare all our work/questions to ensure full engagement. By having the lessons online, your tutoring is extremely flexible and you can learn from the comfort of your own home! Tutoring lessons are made as interactive as possible through collaborative whiteboards, and several engaging prompts and acitivities.

Our Scientifically-Proven Lesson Framework

Phase 1: Student Check-in & Introduction

The student and the tutor catch up on what the student has completed over the week - and if they've been up to anything interesting. Building a strong tutor-student relationship has been proven to greatly benefit learning and motivation! The tutor comes into the lesson fully prepared, and will also provide a quick overview of the topics that will be covered this lesson to set the lesson structure.

Phase 2: Learning and Consolidation

Any difficulties with school work and previously assigned homework / concepts are covered here, ensuring the consolidation of past knowledge. New concepts are also taught in-depth through techniques suited to the student's learning style, using visual aids.

Phase 3: Practice and Active Recall

Active recall has been proven to be the most effective learning technique; thus, our tutors go through several worked exercises with students, refining the student's approach and working out to ensure full marks on assessments - and that their confidence is built 🙂

Phase 4: Review and Planning

The tutor provides a review of the most important concepts covered as well as the student's progress, assigning the student with relevant homework and mocks for further practice. Planning for future lessons is also conducted.

Post-lesson Framework

Revision and Assessment

Mocks and homework are assigned after each lesson as this simulates the exam environment and helps students improve their performance under pressure. Each assigned task is carefully curated to target the student's weaknesses and optimise exam performance.

Regular Feedback and 24/7 Support

Custom progress reports are regularly provided to students to help them visualise their progress, which boosts motivation! We understand that students may also have questions outside of lessons - so we are always available to provide support with their work or help them if they are stressed.

How you can start improving now:

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Join Excel Academics

Prepaid 10-Hour Package from $700 – $750
Or Pay As You Go $75 – $80 per hour, billed after lesson

Full Flexibility

You decide when and how long your lessons will be. Your lesson plan is flexible as well!

No lock-in contracts

Our pay-as-you-go lessons will never lock you in - only continue if you're satisfied!

24/7 Support

Life gets stressful... so we're here 24/7 to help you out and answer your questions.

Secure Payments

Receive an invoice for each lesson and be backed by word class security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private tutoring is where students undertake lessons with tutors (usually university students) to supplement their learning at school. Private tutoring is conducted 1:1 i.e. the tutor will one be teaching one student during the lesson. That way, students received more personalised attention, which makes it a lot easier for them to improve.

Our tutors are all top scorers (scored in the top 5% in Australia), subject experts and/or qualified teachers. We do a thorough background-check and ensure that they are licensed to work with children. Tutors have either completed the subject themselves, have taught the subject previously and/or are extremely familiar with the topics in the curriculum.

We offer a 15-minute free consultation with your prospective tutor before lessons begin, so you can decide if you’d like to give tutoring with them a shot! We assign tutors based on who would be the best fit with you and any specific requests you make as well.

If at any point, you are unhappy with your tutor, please let Sreeya know and she will arrange for a different tutor as well as another free consultation with them.

We try our best to pick the most suitable tutor for you and that you have consistency in your tutoring / your tutor. However, if you ever need to change tutors, please let Sreeya know and she will arrange it straight away.

In our initial consultation, we gauge an understanding of what is required, your specific topics, your current curriculum as well as your goals and areas of improvement. We then go on to make a lesson plan and structure based on all of this information, making sure to accommodate for your input or any requests you make along the way 🙂

For example:

If you are preparing for exams, we will go through several mock tests and practice exams.

If you are struggling with understanding concepts, we will take you step-by-step until you’re confident.

If you want to learn ahead, we will teach you advanced content specific to your curriculum.

We can tailor a plan for pretty much any goal you may have!

They are conducted via zoom or discord, with video on (face-to-face) and an interactive whiteboard. A demo is actually on the homepage of our website!

We make sure to show our working out and explanations, and also provide you with the opportunity to show yours as well as your understanding of every concept.

To avoid any risk on your part, you will only be required to pay AFTER lessons have been completed. Your flexibility is optimised with no lock-in contracts or packages.

Fill out the payment form we provide (you will be sent the invoice after each lesson to the email you provide). After the invoice for the first lesson has been paid manually, the card on file will be charged after each lesson in the future (PAYG) within 2 days of each lesson completion. This automatic payment process will reduce the hassle of manually paying each time. You will always be emailed an invoice for every single payment that has been made if you would like to double-check and keep track of everything. If in any instance, you do not agree with a charged amount or have questions about it, please inform us and we will sort it out.

After the term has been completed, an invoice with all the lesson fees will be sent to the email you are using to complete this form. If you miss a group lesson, you will be sent the recording (you will be charged for the recording just as you will be charged for any normal lesson).

In summary:
  1. Fill in the payment form before the first lesson (no sensitive information is provided — just your email!). Included will also be our terms of service if you want to check that out (we highly recommend you do).

  2. We send invoices to your email after every lesson, following a pay-as-you-go arrangement

That is, you book a lesson with your tutor, have the lesson, and then pay for the lesson. And then repeat!

Due to our large cohort of students, we do not accept direct debit nor provide bank details for you to manually transfer the fees — instead, we simply ask you pay the invoice we send to your email.

We use an extremely secure software called Stripe (it’s a lot like PayPal) to create/send invoices, which several Fortune 500 companies use. If you’re concerned, we don’t actually store or have access to any of your payment information. Further security information can be found here if you would like to know more regarding the safety of the payment method: Security at Stripe

Nope! Your satisfaction is our #1 priority and we will never force you to stay if you are not finding lessons helpful. That’s why we provide free consultations and 24/7 support on top of a pay-as-you-go arrangement.

We will always accommodate for your availabilities and we are very flexible with timings. Being in direct communication with your tutor, you will always be able to arrange lessons that suit you. You can arrange extra lessons and/or longer lessons as well, since the timing and frequency of them are all up to you!

Check out or process here to learn more about how our private tutoring works!

Cancellation and rescheduling: let us know at least one hour before the lesson is meant to begin if you would like to cancel or reschedule. Failure to let us know within this timeframe will result in a fee of $30. Also, repeated cancellation at significant inconvenience to the tutor will cause a cancellation fee to be issued.

Late arrival: if the student is more than 15 minutes late without prior notice, the lesson will be cancelled and the same cancellation fee of $30 will be applied.

90% of our tutors are university students whilst 10% are qualified teachers and/or professionals in their field. The important part here is that each tutor is highly specialised in the subject they are tutoring by e.g. pursuing that subject at a tertiary level or completing a PhD in it.

Thus, you can be rest assured that your tutor knows their stuff! And they’re super friendly and relatable 🙂

Lesson timing, duration, and frequency are completely up to you!

Have an exam coming up in a couple days? You can bump your lessons up to two times a week and/or consider extending their duration. Due to our PAYG arrangement, you essentially book in lessons “as you go”, so you are never locked into any package and flexibility is optimised when it comes your tutoring.

Most of our students do 1hr/week, but for older students who may need extra support when completing their ATAR, we recommend 2hr/week. But again, this is completely up to you and your preferences! We are always here to offer you any advice 🙂

After a  phone call with Sreeya, we will have assessed who in our tutoring team would be the best fit for you. They will reach out to you within 24 hours to book the free consultation – and from there on, you will be in direct contact with your tutor via sms.

During the 15 minute consultation, we analyse your goals, past performance, current curriculum and requirements to start personalising a lesson plan for you. In this consultation, you will also be able to assess whether the tutor assigned to you is a good fit for you! It’s also a time for you to ask any questions you have regarding lessons or about the tutor if you are curious 🙂 Fundamentally, the purpose of this consultation is the same as a trial lesson; however, instead of teaching content (which we prefer to begin once we gauge a solid understanding of your requirements, so we can make the best use of your time with us), it is a casual consultation over Zoom where we get to know one another and make sure we’re all on the same page. Parents are welcome to join the consultation as well!

You can simply send a text message or email your tutor for when you would like to book in your lesson. If you ever need to reschedule or cancel, you can also just let them know via sms or email – it’s that simple!

Lessons are fully customised to your goals, past performance, and current curriculum. Regardless of whether you do the HSC, VCE, BSSS, WACE, QCE, or SACE – schools have their own, unique curriculums. But don’t worry! We ask you for your unit outline if you have access to it, and we personalise your lessson plan such that your tutoring is relevant and goes parallel to what’s being taught at school.

Although your tutoring will be well-structured, the lesson content is flexible. For example, if you have something from school you would like to go over during the lesson, just let your tutor know and we’ll be happy to help you out with it. During the lesson, we explain all concepts in a way that is best suited to your learning style and is easy to understand. As such, you’re slowly able to identify the study habits / techniques which work best for your and optimise your exam performance. We also provide countless resources, and several assessments to ensure we are keeping track of and accelerating your progress –  you even receive biweekly progress reports!

Check out or process here to learn more about what happens during your lesson!

You can find them here and you can find our Privacy Policy here

The main policies are that:

  1. If you miss lessons for more than 21 days in a row, we will no longer be able to hold your spot for tutoring i.e. another student may take your spot with your tutor
  2. We maximise flexibility as much as possible, but if a lesson is cancelled our rescheduled less than 1hr before the planned lesson date, a cancellation fee shall be charged
  3. You will be charged for lessons only AFTER they have been completed, following a PAYG arrangement

If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] or send a text to 0416174763

We will try our best to get back to you within 24 hours!

To find out more about who we are, feel free to check out this page: about us

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