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Sreeya Das 99.85 ATAR

Sreeya Das

99.85 ATAR

Asher Tan

99.90 ATAR

Sharon Boen 99.95 ATAR

Sharon Boen

99.95 ATAR

Vyom Patoliya

99.85 ATAR

Sebastian Spillane

99.90 ATAR

Liam Murray

Liam Murray

98.95 ATAR

Janice Sng

99.80 ATAR

Cindy Zhao

99.70 ATAR

Jane You

98.15 ATAR

Amanda Quan

99.95 ATAR

Andrea Leong 99.95 ATAR

Andrea Leong

99.95 ATAR

Alice Tian

99.75 ATAR

Tracy Zhao

98.65 ATAR

Nelson Feng 98.70 ATAR

Nelson Feng

98.70 ATAR

Joska Steinbusch 98.45 ATAR

Joska Steinbusch​

98.45 ATAR

Jaden Prabaharan​

99.30 ATAR

Imesha Hettige

99.95 ATAR

Smriti Soni

98.25 ATAR

Rachel Liang

99.10 ATAR

Archita Sivakumar

99.00 ATAR

Jordy Sutherland

99.00 ATAR

Emma Horgan

91 in English

Bronwyn Pierson

English dux

Catherine Hu

98.60 ATAR

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Rainbow Yang 97.30 ATAR

Rainbow Yang

97.30 ATAR

Aashna Kotwani 99.80 ATAR

Aashna Kotwani

99.80 ATAR

Nelson Feng 98.70 ATAR

Nelson Feng

98.70 ATAR

Andrea Leong 99.95 ATAR

Andrea Leong

99.95 ATAR

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