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Meet our tutor: Smriti

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Smriti Soni

98.25 ATAR

Completed Tutor Training

Working with Children Check​

Extensive Tutoring Experience

Expected response time: within 24 hours

Hi, I'm Smriti 👋

Hi, I’m Smriti! An avid participator in leadership positions at MGC and recipient of the Student Leadership Excellence Award, I’m an optimistic, extroverted, and motivating person. I have a passion for Maths and all things Biology. I focus on using visual, audial, and always active learning techniques. Outside of academics, I love coaching and playing Netball, painting, hiking, and reading (Dostoyevsky, anyone? hehe).

Here are some achievements I'm proud of!

I’ve been in leadership positions such as SRC v-captain, Diversity Captain, LRC council, Junior Ambassador for MGC, throughout my time at MGC. I also was the recipient of the Woman’s leadership award in Year 12. I’ve been coaching Netball since 2019, I’ve also done the “Innovative Leadership” course from Deakin University, and the “Early Learners” program from Swinburne University. 

What am I studying?

A dual degree of BSc and BCom at Monash University 

What school did I attend ?

Melbourne Girls College

Where can I tutor?

Online, Melbourne

What subjects do I tutor ?

Maths (Year 5-10), Science (Year 5-10), English (Year 5-10), Maths Methods (VCE, QCE, WACE, SACE) / Extension 1 (HSC) / Advanced Maths (HSC) / Specialist Methods (BSSS) Year 11-12, Biology (HSC, VCE, QCE, WACE, BSSS, SACE) Year 11-12, English and Accounting for years 11-12, and French years 5-10

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