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Meet our tutor: Chloe

Chloe Yeung

Chloe Yeung

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Hi, I'm Chloe 👋

Hi, I’m Chloe, a 2022 high school graduate currently studying Law/Commerce at UNSW. A little bit about me: I speak a bit of Cantonese thanks to having studied year one in Hong Kong. I like to bake (then eat part of the results) in my free time, as well as the occasional bushwalk.

I am committed to teaching English and Literature in a way that boosts student confidence in writing and understanding. To me, English challenges you to think in more complex ways and express yourself more concisely. All the assessments you face will be you taking your marker/teacher on a journey of your understanding of a text and its ambiguities. It is difficult at some points, but not impossible with the right teaching.

Whether you are struggling to understand some of the key course concepts in class or need help on how to refine and structure your arguments, I will be able to provide support. More than giving you what to write about, I teach you further ways to extend your thinking. No matter the stage of your English learning – I am committed to providing tailored classes suited to your needs and understanding.

I am also able to offer advice about study tips, and university applications as well!

What am I studying?

I’m currently in Sydney studying Law/Commerce at UNSW

What school did I attend ?

Rossmoyne Senior High School (WA)

Where can I tutor?

Online, Sydney

What subjects do I tutor ?

English (Year 5-10), English Year 11-12, English Literature Year 11-12

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