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Meet our tutor: Catherine

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Catherine Hu

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Hi, I'm Catherine 👋

Hi, I’m Catherine! I’m currently studying Biomedical Science at the University of Queensland, with a provisional place in Doctor of Medicine. You might be thinking: Weird… shouldn’t you be tutoring in subjects like chemistry and biology, not English?

Well, I value communication. From the impassioned lunchtime debates I’d have with my friends, the lengthy monologues I’d force my family to endure, and to my disheartening experiences with undecipherable lesson slides, I realised my passion was being able to share knowledge in a transparent and engaging way. English is a skill that extends beyond the essays you write at school: it is a crucial ability in your everyday life, one that is so important even in classes like Integrated Systems Physiology II. I’ve loved helping students hone it to achieve their unique versions of success.

What am I studying?

The University of Queensland, Bachelor of Biomedical Science

What school did I attend ?

 Camberwell Girls Grammar School

Where can I tutor?

Online, Melbourne

What subjects do I tutor ?

Maths (Year 5-10), English (Year 5-10)

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