Exam and Study Tips

Are you a student struggling to keep up with the workload of your studies? You’re not alone! Many students feel overwhelmed and stressed; but there are ways to help you prepare for exams more effectively while also balancing your health. Written by 99+ ATAR scorers, these blogs cover exactly that!


Exam and Study Tips

Should you seek tutoring for school?

Deciding whether to seek tuition or rely on self-learning is a question that undoubtedly crosses the minds of many high school students…for good reason. It’s a deeply personal and self-reflective

Exam and Study Tips

Recommended Items to Purchase

Normal Calculator

The Casio ClassWiz FX-991EX** calculator has to be the best calculator ever created. The main bonus compared to all other calculators is that it can solve

Exam and Study Tips

14 exam techniques to get a 99.85 ATAR

Sleep at least 8 hours the night before

No matter how much you cram the night before, not getting enough sleep will hinder your concentration and prevent you

Exam and Study Tips

UCAT Study Guide for 95th+ Percentile Score

What external resources should I use? How should I use them?

Let’s first talk about the most common method of preparation: online UCAT platforms. The most commonly used

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