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The Best Schools in Canberra: for College, High School, and Primary School

For parents and students curious about the rankings of each school as well as their unique characteristics, this blog breaks down everything you need to know to select the best school for you from kindergarten to year 12. The Best Primary Schools (K-6) Source: https://clueylearning.com.au/en/school-rankings/top-primary-schools/act/ When comparing primary school, it is important to consider the …

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How should you prepare for the ATAR in Year 10?

For those of you who are looking to excel in college, preparing for it in year 10 is extremely beneficial as it familiarises you with the content and introduces you to the importance of independent learning. In high-school, a lot of us didn’t actively learn outside of school: we would simply attend class, do the work, go home, and do assignments or play video games. There’s nothing wrong with this, but the workload jumps dramatically from year 10 to college and it crucial to adapt to the change in environment.

99+ ATAR Comprehensive Study Guide for Students


Planning. Understanding. Practicing. Reviewing. I followed this four-phase method for two years and ended up scoring in the top 0.15% in the country i.e. a 99.85 ATAR.

Studying can be very daunting so in these few blogs, I will be breaking down step-by-step exactly what I did and giving out all of my resources and templates for free.

The methods we will be going over in the study series incorporate science-based techniques such as pomodoro, parkinson’s law, pareto principle, active recall, spaced repetition, and the feynmann technique.

Let’s get straight into it!

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