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Who we are.

We are a team of motivated individuals who strive to help you achieve your academic goals, whether it be achieving the highest marks or improving your confidence in your skills!

With 90% of our tutor base consisting of university students who have passed through the same curriculums you are studying, and the other 10% consisting of professionals and qualified teachers; we deliver the highest quality tutoring, coupled with extensive experience in all fields of study – including but not limited to Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English.

Are you studying the HSC curriculum? We will assign a tutor qualified in the HSC and achieved Band 6’s. Are you studying the VCE curriculum? We will assign a tutor experienced with the VCE and achieved incredible study scores.

Our main priority is your personalisation and development. 


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Why Choose Us.

From 99.95 ATAR scorers to state rankers, our tutoring team consists of the best of the best! We’re not just qualified but have 1000’s of hours of combined tutoring experience.

Top 5% in AUS

All our tutors have scored a 95+ ATAR or ranked in the top 5% for the subject they are tutoring. We've done it before and can teach you to do the same!

Our Experience

With 1000's of hours of combined tutoring experience, our team can help you achieve your academic goals!

24/7 Support

Our team is dedicated to your success, and thus, offers around-the-clock support outside of lessons if you ever have any questions that need to be answered.

Tutor Training

All members of our team undergo rigorous screening, and complete our competitive tutor training program - we select only the top 5% from 2000+ applications each year

Why we do what we do.


is our average tutor ATAR


is the average improvement in student grades

You may be wondering: how did we get started? 

Excel Academics officially began as a one-person team in 2022, specialising in group lessons. However, we took a deeper look into the classroom setting as well as our own group setting, and found that several students prefer a more personalised program rather than going at the school’s pace or just completing extension work, respectively. At school, it is often difficult for the teachers to accommodate for the goals and abilities of all students; subsequently, several students either fall behind or lose interest in their education.

We know education is not a one-size-fits-all system, which is why our tutors personalise each strategy for every single one of our students. Thus, we then began expanding our team and developing customised homework and lesson plans for our students in order to nurture their strengths, improve their weaknesses – as we strongly believe that every child can succeed with the right support, skill development, and attention from a skilled and experienced tutor.

Our Values.

At Excel Academics, we believe the values we follow and embed in our tutoring is vital to our student’s learning and development. Below, we have outlined what we believe to be the most important qualities and values in our company and how we can help you achieve your academic goals.

Tutoring is a team effort, involving the tutor, the student, and the parents. We believe prompt and effective communication is necessary to faciliate a comfortable learning environment for our student. 

A good tutor understands the vital roles parents play in the education of their children, which is why parents should expect regular open and honest communication from their tutor, they can expect to be listened to when they voice their concerns and are encouraged to play a role in their child’s progress. Students can expect to be allocated a tutor who works in a way that is best for the student, and with whom they can build a solid relationship. As in all relationships, sometimes two people don’t “click” and it is our goal to find the right tutor for every student. Most importantly, a “great” tutor is not enough. Each student needs the “right” tutor.  Not only have we engaged the best tutors available, but we use a highly effective data-driven process to match you with the “right” tutor for your needs

We strongly believe that respect and kindness must be maintained throughout the tutor-student relationship. After tutoring 100’s of students, we found that positive reinforcement did wonders when it came to student confidence as well as their performance on tests/exams. Thus, we make a note to focus specifically on student mindset when it comes to their learning and not just their performance – where respect and kindness are vital in making this process of learning successful.

We take several hours a week outside of lessons to create custom progress reports and analyse our student’s performance on recent assessments (e.g. school exams and/or homework from lessons). We take such data and observations, and customise all our students’ future homework as well as lesson plan to ensure they are well-prepared for any tests at school and are on track to achieveing their own, personal academic goals. As mentioned before, personalisation is key to student success as each student has different learning styles – and leveraging this is the most effective technique to help students during their tutoring lessons as well as to assist them with all their school tasks.

Although we try to make the tutoring and learning process as simple as we can for our students, we do expect our students to work hard to improve and maintain their performance. Tutoring is a team effort, and through perserverance and collaboration, we help our students achieve their academic potential at school.

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